This is my art! I mostly paint and make earrings.

I can paint on your things.

I can make you wire, beaded, and charm earrings

If you’re interested in any of these items/services, fill out whatever you’d like in the contact section below 🙂

It will take me at 1-4wks for a big painting project, and a week to make and deliver earrings. Just tell me what you’d like (colors, styles) and I’ll make you your very own pair.

If you are worried about painting directly on your computer, I can paint a laptop cover that can be put on your device. I can also spend more time on it this way, since you won’t be waiting for me to return your computer.


Earrings: $12 for standard, $15 for wire earrings. Paintings depend on how long they take, but should be at least $30.

Receiving your order

I can drop you order off at your door on campus. I can also give it to you in person. Whatever works!

Much love.

-Iman ❤


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Middlebury College

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About Me

Funny seeing you here!

Im a first year at Middlebury College. I would love to make you things.

Thanks for checking this out. I really appreciate it.

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